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The Tech Bass Anglers Association provides an opportunity to experience competitive bass fishing at the college level.  Whether you simply fish as a hobby or plan to pursue a professional fishing career, Tech Bass Anglers provides a welcoming atmosphere for both. Teams consist of two anglers, so you do not have to own a boat to join. The Tech Bass Anglers Association is a member of the Association of Collegiate Anglers and competes in regional tournaments, the Boat U.S. National Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship and the Under Armour College Bass National Championship.  The Tech Bass Anglers conduct a series of weekend tournaments each spring as means to qualify for each national tournament. 

We welcome men, women, experienced, and beginners alike.  Joining is easy, just click Here and we'll get the ball rolling.

If you have any questions about the club or the website, email us Here or post a message in the forum section.


2014 5th Annual Texas Tech Bass Anglers Fundraiser results

   The 5th Annual Texas Tech Open was hosted on Amistad Reservoir once again and there was a good turn out considering the tough fishing and foul weather. The tournament could not have been possible without our sponsors, so the club would like to thank Powertackle, Hooters, PK Docks, Mesilla Valley Transport, McGuire Industries, Santone Lures, Xcite Baits, Surelife, Costa Del Mar, Gander Mountain, Lews, Duckett Fishing, Javabone's Rods, and Clem & Rachel Elam.


    Day One looked to make for a very promising tournament with three 14lb+ bags being weighed in. The biggest being 15.70lbs with a 6.43lb Big Bass being weighed by two of our own team members Travis McGuire & Layne Bynum, also James Burkeen & Henry McElroy weighed in with a close 15.32lbs. 


   Day Two proved to be a lot tougher with a typical early spring cold front hitting with high winds.  Rene Meza & Ray Benoit weighed the biggest bag Sunday with 12.05lbs and a 4.44lb Big Bass. We had a unique thing happen with one of our very own teams winning the open for the first time but Cale Sanders & Zane Edwards made a run for it on Day 2 with the winning margin only being .05 ounces.



 Place #

 Team Members


BB Day 1 

BB Day 2 

 1 Travis McGuire & Layne Bynum   24.23 6.43 
 2 Cale Sanders & Zane Edwards 24.18  
 3 Rene Meza & Ray Benoit 20.81 4.44 
 4 John Casparis & Joe Lowe 18.74  
 5 Bill Fillmon & Mike DeArmon 16.57  
 6 Randy Dixon & Adrian Yeo 16.41  
 7 Matt Peters & Tanner Cooper 16.06  
 8 James Burkeen & Henry McElroy 15.32  
 9 Greg Roberts & Tate Powell 13.97  
 10 Weldon McGuire & Chris Snyder 13.68  
 11 Denny Brauer & Tommy Brown 13.05  
 12 Tyler Holmes & Cody Javarone 11.69  
 13 Carlos Mondraju & Jesus De Luna 10.68  
 14 Dale Taylor & Donny Money 8.86  
 15 Brendan Kennell & Richard Bacon 8.83  
 16 Coleman Crook & Joel Gray 6.32  
 17 Kurt Chapman & Flynn Chapman 5.93  
 18 Will Cooper & Eric Yocham 4.81  
 19 Glen McCollough & Matt Pennell 4.64  
 20 Sonny Morrow & Brock Steinbock 2.99  
 21 Shawn Hatchet & Jim Weeks 1.85  
 22 Brian Wallace & Tyler Haines 1.73  
 23 Chris Snyder & Chris Synder Jr. 1.56  
 24 Donald Peters Louis Smith 1.46  
 25 Roy Lee & Dalton York 0  
 25 Jr Howard 0  
 25 Allan Luedtke & Brandy Freeman 0  
 25 Logan McDonald & Natalie McDonald 0  
 25 Cody Hundley & Christi Hundley 0  
 25 Johnathan Bossom & Ashli Bossom 0  
 25 Clayton Hundley & Reagan Hundley 0  


2013 4th  Annual Texas Tech Bass Anglers Fundraiser results

  The 4th annual Texas Tech open hosted at Lake Amistad Reservoir was a large success. This tournament could not have been possible with out of our sponsors, and our club would like to give a special thanks to Power Tackle, Hooters, Hag’s Tornadoes, PK docs, Noise Attention Construction, Lake Fork Lures and Sure Life. With 41 teams fishing the open, a large sack was bound to be caught. The tournament featured several experienced anglers including previous Bass Master Classic Winner Denny Brauer,  former professional angler and Tim Reneau, and BASS battle on the border co angler winner of Bill Fillmon.

  However, on Saturday it was a very rare day for the lake. With almost low wind and a high sun, many anglers felt their patterns would change. Most teams found their fish on the Mexican side of the lake particularly in Burro and the Rain God fishing swim baits. On Day one the biggest bass of the tournament was weighed in of 8.77 lbs by Orlando Pacheo and Laticia Torres, however Tim Huckaby and Tyler Young lead the tournament with a little over 27 lbs  and a 8.17 lbs kicker fish.

  Day two of the tournament was more of a typical day on the lake with high winds coming from the north causing anglers to fish some different water to stay protected from the wind. Despite harsh winds several teams brought in a heavier sack than the day before. Tim Huckaby and Tyler Young continued to dominate the tournament weighing in the only twenty plus sacks of the tournament. They finished the tournament far ahead of the rest of the field with 50.4 lbs as their  two day total. In second place Tim and Judy Reneau weighed in a 36.06 lbs sack, and Weldon McGuire and Chris Snyder finished in third place with a heavy 34 lbs sack.

 Place # Team Members Weight Big Bass
 1 Trent Huckaby & Tyler Young 50.41 8.17
 2  Tim Reneau & Judy Reneau 36.03 7.64
 3  Weldon McGuire & Chris Snyder 34.69 
 4 Bill Fillmon & Mile Daermon 34.16 
 5 Tim Ludwig & Charlie Hooven 33.24  6.6
 6 DoLones Robles & GoaoaLupe Robles 32.2 
 7 Coleman & Richard Phipps 31.37 6.82
 8 Steve Main & Denny Brauer  28.69  
 9 Travis McGuire & Flynn Chapman  28.19 6.17
 10 Wesley Stockhard & Haskell Hall 27.37 6.27
 11  Orlando Pacheo & Laticia Torres 26.91 8.77 
 12 Rene Meza & Rene Meza Jr. 26.5 
 13 Larry Fillmon & Stene Fillmon 25.2 
 14 Don Crowder & Tom Cooke 24.21 
 15 Greg Waison & Roy Hodges  22.92 
 16 Brion Wallace & Mike Kelton 22.62 6.32
 17 Spensor Phipps & Tyler Watson 22.36 
 18 Tobby Therwhanger & Eugue Therwhanger 22.35 
 19 Jeremy Brumley 20.89 4.39
 20 Joel Gray & Coleman Crook  18.03 
 21 Jeff Denton & Dave Unger  16.04 
 22 Kurt Chapman & Clint Chapman  15.54 5.5
 23 Travis Bell & Drew Davis 14.76 
 24 Layne Bynum 14.42 
 25 William Cooper & Thomas Cooper 12.8 
 26 Terry Denton & Vicki Denton   12.13 
 27 Austin Terry & Ethan George 11.94 
 28 Tim Vaden & Bruce Campbel 11.51 
 29  John Casparis & Roy Esenload 9.92 
 30 Greg Roberts & James Shepherd 9.3 
 31 Tommy Conner & Haden Franklin 9.29 
 32 Donald Peters & Matt Peters 9.09 
 33 Don Money & Dale Taylor 8.99 
 34 Glen McCullangh & Matt Pennel 7.69 
 35 Walin Bullard & Karla Bullurd 7.56 
 36 Bill Keller & Mike Guinn 4.77 
 37 Kyle Tatum & Dave Caudie 4.43 
 38 Todd Winter & Clem Elam 0 
 39 Tom Schuler & George Forge 0 
 40 Frank Alvarado & Andrew Alvarado 0 
 41 Calvin Roquemore & Kely Roquemore 0 


2012 3rd annual Texas Tech Bass Anglers Fundraiser Results

With 34 teams entered to fish the 3rd Annual Fundraiser Tournament conditions were not going to make it easy. Rain and cold pounded the lake but the fish were biting. The winning weight was the largest 5 fish bag that has been weighed in for the three years the tournament has been going.

Thanks to Sandy Creek Marina for hosting the tournament, Hag's Tornado for their continued support of our club and generous donations for the raffle, Weldon McGuire for donating and making the plaques, Cody Javarone for building a custom Double T rod, Don Parsons for donating to the raffle, as well as Brush Creek Bait and Tackle for donating a reel for the raffle.

Also a special thanks to everyone that came out and fished, even in the weather. We hope to see you all again next year. 

PlaceTeam MembersWeight # FishBig Bass
1Randy Sullivan and Richard Sullivan32.31511.42
2Hunter Edwards Bob Tongate27.455
3Steven Fillmon and Joel Gray24.1359.32
4Burt Green and Jeff Neighbors23.9656.35
5Cody Javarone and Kolby Satterfield19.0758.18
6Hugh Kilman and Todd Mcevoy 18.7458.4
7Cody Metz and Taylor Hardin17.6758.73
8Vern Baldwin and Dale Carroll165
9Zach Henderson and Bailey Hinkle15.895
10Don Parsons and Ronnie Parsons14.835
11Stuart Jeffrey and Cory Carroll13.635
12Travis McGuire and Tyler Holmes 13.165
13Mike Hall Ford12.055
14Pal Newsom and Will Seaberry 11.465
15Winford Fullerton and Romney Fullerton11.15
16Justin Cogburn and Zack Bowles11.025
17Sam Allen and Nathan Barker10.315
18Randy Jackson and Mike Testy9.645
19David Adkisson8.64
20Ron Hollomon and Jeff Hartona7.864
21Cory Hogue and Jacob Brown7.283
22John Blakeney and Jon Link6.5216.52
23Cody Mitchell and Evan Gonzales5.6515.65
24Coleman Crook and Chris Wilcut5.434
25Cliff Hallford and Jason Fry4.882
26Eric Warner and Kevin Stice4.73
27Travis Bell and Drew Davis4.112



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