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Potential Sponsors Contact Information

Layne Bynum - President

(940) 230-4070 



Bryton Kurtz- Sponsor Coordinator 

(832) 633-0598


If you would like to donate to or become a sponsor of the Texas Tech Bass Anglers, feel free to contact me anytime. We welcome anyone, from garage hobbyists to big companies willing to help our members compete through lure/tackle/product donations and discounts.

 We aim to please and we will try to match our donors and sponsors' commitments with promotion and product sales. Here's a general guideline for what we can offer our donors/sponsors based on their donations.

One time donation to club (includes free donation or short-term <6 month discounts on products) = Logo and link to your company website on our website for 6 months

Monthly, bi monthly, or annual donation to club (includes long-term >6 month discounts on products) = Logo and link to your company website on our website for duration of sponsorship + your logo on all club jerseys

Money sponsorships = Logo and link of your company or organization website on our website for duration of sponsorship + your logo on all club jerseys + your logos on club boats and tow vehicles

(Our response to money sponsorships will be handled on a case by case basis and our efforts to promote you will depend on the size and frequency of your donation)

*Note* These are only guidelines; we will consider all sponsorships on a case by case basis and we will discuss all options and club obligations based on the details of the sponsorship.  

Thanks for considering donating to our club! We look forward to hearing from you, and we will strive to promote your company/organization every opportunity we get.

 Thanks for you interest,

Layne Bynum