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2011 National Championship:

Boat U.S. Lake Lewisville 

With the 2010-2011 School year over, Texas Tech sent three teams to Lake Lewisville for the Boat U.S. Collegiate National Championship to compete for the title of National Champions, along with various prizes from tournament sponsors. Sam Allen, Cody Javarone, Coleman Crook, Cody Craig, Ryan Froese and Tyler Holmes headed to Lewisville hoping to bring home the prize. With the hot weather and heavy fishing pressure, Texas Tech battled throughout each day to put fish in the boat. After day 1, Allen and Javarone had 4.66 lbs, Crook and Craig had 4.05 lbs, and Froese and Holmes finished with 1.80 lbs. When it seemed the conditions couldn't get rougher for day 2, they did. Day 2 proved to be one to be forgotten, with no fish going to the scales for the scarlet and the black. Allen and Javarone had the best weight for the team, finishing 97th out of 145 teams.

Anglers School Final Weight 

1 Miles Burghoff-Casey O'Donnell University of Central Florida 5/5 10.85 10.85 17.07 27.92
2 Scott Jones-Andrew Sanders University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff 5/5 13.28 13.28 12.39 25.67
3 Cody McCrary-Neil Arnaud University of Louisiana at Lafayette 5/5 11.17 11.17 10.71 21.88
4 Nick LaDart-Daniel Echols University of Louisiana at Monroe 5/5 13.43 13.43 8.12 21.55
5 Adam Kolbeck-Tyler Gollakner University of Wisconsin Stevens
4/4 10.59 10.59 10.79 21.38
6 Michael Mook Miller-Kyle
University of Arkansas 2/2 5.23 5.23 16.07 21.30
7 Matt Carr-Cody Morrison Tarleton State 2/2 4.83 4.83 15.26 20.09
8 Jeremy Christian-Logan Johnson University of Alabama 5/3 10.77 1.00 9.77 10.25 20.02
9 Dustin Connell-Keith Kirkley University of Alabama 2/2 5.02 5.02 14.36 19.381

1. Burghoff/ O'Donnell Cent. Florida  27.92

2. Jones/ Sanders   Ark. Pine Bluff  25.60

3. McCrary/ Arnaud   LA Lafayette 21.88 

4. LaDart/ Echols   ULM 21.55

5. Kolbeck/ Gollakner UWSP 21.3

4/4 10.59 10.59 10.79 21.38

6. Miller/ Billingsley  Arkansas 21.30

University of Arkansas 2/2 5.23 5.23 16.07 21.30

7. Carr/ Morrison  Tarleton 20.09

8. Christian/ Johnson  Alabama  20.02

9. Connell/ Kirkley  Alabama  19.30

10. Huggins/ Barnes  Ark Tech  18.95 

97. Allen/ Javarone TTU 4.66

102. Crook/ Craig TTU 4.05

115. Froese/ Holmes TTU 1.80 


2011 B.A.S.S. National Championship:

West Super Regional: Lake Dardanelle

 With the Boat U.S. Championship ending, the road to the ESPN National Championship at Arkansas River was just beginning. Determined to have a team qualify for the tournament, Travis McGuire and Coleman Crook headed to Lake Dardanelle to the West Super Regionals. In order to go to the Arkansas River championship, the team had to finish in the top half of the field to qualify. Having never seen the lake, the team had their work cut out for them if they wanted to finish in the top 18 for the weekend. The boys worked hard during their prefishing hours, and gave a good showing at the end of day 1 with 4 fish that went 10 lbs 5 oz, good enough for 8th place. Travis and Coleman took their day 1 confidence into day two to be sure to keep themselves in the top 18. Their hard work payed off, and they weighed 4 more fish for 8 lbs 14 oz, a final weight of 19 lb 3 oz and a 9th place finish, guaranteeing their entry into the B.A.S.S. College Championship.

 B.A.S.S. College Championship

Arkansas River / Lake Maumelle

After successfully qualifying at the West Super Regionals, Travis McGuire and Coleman Crook headed back to Arkansas to fish for the ESPN and B.A.S.S College Championship. Like the Boat U.S. Championship, the B.A.S.S. Championship is for school pride. But, the B.A.S.S. Tournament victors gained more than just the National Champs trophy, they receive a fully wrapped boat and truck rig for the upcoming season, and the winnings anglers would compete against each other on a 4th day to see which teammate would get an entry into the 2012 BASSMASTERS CLASSIC. Day 1 took place on the Arkansas River, which is known to be a tough fishery due to fluctuating water levels. Day one began on the river, and to no ones surprise, fishing was tough. Of the 36 teams fishing the championship, only 5 teams brought in a 5 fish limit. McGuire and Crook worked hard and never gave up, but the duo could not find any fish. At the end of day one, the guys were tied for 27th with no fish weighed.

Day two came on Lake Maumelle, a lake known to fish much better than the river.  Half of the field brought their limit in to the scales, and an improvement came for McGuire and Crook. They worked hard and caught two fish, weighing 1 lb 13 oz. The team finished 31st of the 36 team field. The field was cut down to the top five teams, coming from Virginia Tech, Stephen F. Austin, Georgia, Texas A&M, and Auburn.

 Day 3: Beaver Fork Lake/ Day 4: Lake X

Day three came, and after 4 limits came to the scales, Stephen F Austin anglers Andrew Upshaw and Ryan Watkins, 15 lb 4oz, beat Auburns Shane Powell and Jordan Lee, 13 lb 10 oz, for the 2011 B.A.S.S. College Championship. With a 2012 Bassmaster Classic berth on the line, Upshaw and Watkins faced off on Day 4 to see who would represent college anglers at the classic. They were put on a private lake, and the battle began. The heat set in immediately, and after 6 hours of fishing, the day was complete. Watkins weighed in first, 2 fish for 2lbs 10 oz. The pressure was on for Upshaw, who weighed 3 lbs 5 oz, edging his college partner, and winning a berth to the 2012 Classic.



2011 club results


FInal Results

Points Points (3 Drops) Lbs. Avg. Lbs.

Allen/Javarone   882 594       108.26          12.02 

Coleman Crook   880 593      100.44     11.16

Froese/Holmes    872 589       117.76           13.08 

Fillmon/Gray    870 589       80.92    8.99  

McGuire/Adcock   868 587       73.58      8.17  

Vanlandeghem/Craig    867               586               65.95       7.32

Kennedy/Brummitt   857                578       62.66      6.96

Massad/Selman   846 567       22.34 2.48 

Mundy/Wise   834 561       4.70       0.52 


2011 Fundraiser

2nd Annual Texas Tech Open Fundraiser Tournament

Hubbard Creek Lake - Sandy Creek Marina

March 12, 2011

 With 46 Teams registered to fish, Tech had a great turnout when having a Federation Nation tournament on the same day. With over 100 tournament boats on the water, the pressure was on to find big fish and big limits. Out of the 46 teams registered, 36 found a way to get fish in the boat, and 152 fish made it to the scales. Will Seaberry and Pal Newsom stole the show with 31.47 pounds, including the big bass, a 9.53 pound kicker. Special thanks to Sandy Creek Marina for the use of their facilities to host the tournament, DFW Heavy Duty for donating the $1,500 first prize, Stillwaters Bass Club for the weigh-in trailer, and McGuire Industries for the 1st through 3rd Place Plaques. We would also like to thank our sponsors for all of the donations for the Raffle: Hags Tornado, Falcon Graphite Rods, Pourmans Jigs, and DFW Heavy Duty. 

Place Team Members
 WeightBig Bass
1. Will Seaberry and Pal Newsom31.479.53

2. Larry Scott and Stefan Scott

3. Jerry Green and Ryan Green22.82

4. Cliff Hallford Jason Fry

5. Branden Hollingshead and Parker Smelly20.33

6. George Green and Nathan Farmer

7. Scott Smiley and Jared Hampton18.65

8. Glen McCullough and Randy West


9. Dinty Bowman and Todd Mayer

10. Mike Schooler and Cliff Wagnor17.264.69

11. Vern Baldwin and Joshua Edwards


12. Michael Montfort Tony Lozipone

13. Eric Shane Gill and Jim Miller14.346.21

14. Cody Foster and Cole Koenig

15. Randy Wharton and Cody Metz13.547.56

16. Justin Wharton and Darrell Keith

17. Eddie Credicott and Charles Credicott13.104.05

18. J. Bruce Ray and Bob Koncalc

19. Brian Dempsey and Doug Gray12.626.27

20. Travis Bell and Bobby Rogers

21. Weldon McGuire Landon Culp11.07

22. Stephen Campbell and Danny Campbell

23. Donny Strickler and Christy Jensen10.97

24. Chris Goodman and Don Parsons

25. Bren Vincent and Charles Bruner10.04

26. Chris Berry and Cary Hogue

27. Richard Lancaster and Josh Seale9.25

28. Haskell Hall and Jason Long

29. Bailey Hinkk and Jace Hinkk7.19

30. Monty Medanich and Scott Modderman

31. Brady Clark and Mike Monecock6.32

32. Tommy Arenivas and Jeremy Allen

33. Taylor Hardin and Bobby Hardin4.07

34. Ben Froese and George Froese

35. Tanner Morgan and Allan Morgan1.92

36. Don Crowder and Tom Cooke


2010 Espn

2010 College Bass National Championship

In a nutshell, “versatility” was the key to success at the 2010 College Bass National Championship. This year the Arkansas River flow and height were variable and ever changing thanks to heavy rain in the area and upstream of Little Rock. Many anglers noted changes in water level over 1 foot in their fishing spots and/or boat ramps though the period of a single day. Unable to find a reliable largemouth bite (15 inch minimum), Texas Tech anglers, Jake Szot and Scott Jones, keyed on spotted bass (12 inch minimum) hoping for an occasional largemouth to add weight to their bag. Day one went exactly as planned. After locking down, they arrived at their spot amidst three other competitors and had their first keeper in the boat in the first three casts. They proceeded to catch one keeper per hour until they had to lock back up around 1 o’clock. At a final stop on the way back to weigh-in, Jake and Scott landed two solid keepers almost simultaneously as time ran out, upgrading their bag by a full pound. Following police escort to Academy Sports in North Little Rock, Texas Tech sat in 10th place with 8.4 lbs, In striking distance of top five (Top five zero their weights and compete a third day).

At weigh-in, the anglers’ rumors were confirmed as they were told the Arkansas River would soon be flowing at dangerous levels and that they would be fishing at an alternative location, Lake Maumelle on day two. After being given some time to rehydrate and resupply at Academy, practice reopened from 5pm-9pm for Maumelle. Jake and Scott decided to focus their efforts offshore to avoid the competition for shoreline spots. They left practice with an uneasy confidence finding a rock pile with keeper spotted bass relating to it, but that was all they found.

Day two went again, as planned. Jake and Scott arrived at the rock pile, deployed buoys and stayed there the entire day. By 8am, they had a limit of spots and upgraded by ounces all day. Unfortunately, misfortune struck by the end of the day. As the fish accustomed to deep cool water struggled in the 90 degree livewells, two died before the team could weigh-in. Texas Tech sustained a 1 pound dead fish penalty dropping their total weight to 4.37. After day two, Texas Tech sat in 9th place with 12.77 pounds total, about 3.5 lbs out of the top five. “Even if we’d landed the one good one we had get off day one, and not lost those two fish day two, I still think we would have been just out of the cut.” Scott Jones. “I think we finished well considering the circumstances and I know we could have done a little better if we didn’t miss a couple opportunities, but we stuck with our game plan and found two solid limits. We put ourselves in contention on the first day and that itself is a difficult task and I’m proud of that.” Jake Szot.

Eastern Kentucky ended up winning it all with a huge 21.39lb. sack at Lake Brewer, the third different body of water the top five competed on while fighting for the championship.

Despite falling just short of their goals, Texas Tech finished as the top team out of Texas and the Big 12 conference. A strong finish for the college career of Scott Jones, and the team Jake and Scott held for two seasons and three national championship appearances.


                                                         Day 1   Day 2     Total       Day 3
1  EKU  Jonas Ertel  Tyler Moberly          8.51    7.84     16.35     21.39  
2  UG  Randy Tolbert  Ben Cleary        14.55     5.53     20.08     11.53  
3  Bama  Dustin Connell  Daniel Taylor   9.14    7.89      17.03      7.88  
4  NWSU  Paul Rini  Zach Hester             9.64   10.63     20.27      7.28  
5  LSU  Travis Laurent  Doug McClung   10.78     9.49     20.27      6.74  
6  UA  Clay Ramey  Mook Miller            10.47     5.73     16.2   
7  AU  Jordan Lee  Shane Powell             8.49     5.55     14.04   
8  ASU  Mitch Kistner  Craig Carroll         6.34     6.47     12.81   
9  TTU  Jake Szot  Scott Jones       8.40   4.37   12.77   
10  OSU  Cody Fuller  Chad Warren        7.33      5.11    12.44#mce_temp_url#

Full Results and Story

2010 Boat u.s.

2010 Boat US National Championship

 With daily highs reaching into the mid 90’s and no wind to speak of, 
the Tech Anglers never managed to find the right bites. Conditions on day one of practice, with winds from the South at 15-20 and patchy clouds may have thrown many of the competitors off. Some successful areas and patterns on day one of practice were no good when the tournament came around. Despite relying on a failed pattern on day 1, Jake and Scott managed to finish 34th out of 133 of the nation’s best. For final results and full story, visit 

Jake and Scott will be moving on to compete in the ESPN National Championship on the Arkansas River this July. Hopefully, second time is the charm! 


                                            Fish Net Weight Fish Net Weight Fish Weight
1 UG Ben C. Bo P.                     5    18.34       5     18.07      10  36.41
2 UNC-C Eric S. Tyler B.            5    15.81       5     17.75      10  33.56
3 WKU David S. Andy S.             5    19.68       5     10.92      10  30.60
4 UA-F Clay R. Kyle B.               5    17.45       5     12.99      10  30.44
5 EKU Richard C. Tyler M.          5    12.02       5     16.84      10  28.86
6 TSU John A. Brandon F.           5    18.22       5     10.63      10  28.85
7 TAMU Andy S. Matt M.            5    17.15       5     11.52      10  28.67
8 GCSU Matt H. Walker S.           5    17.11       5     10.71      10  27.82
9 OU Chip P. Mark J.                  5    20.30       3     7.28         8  27.58
10 LSU-S Zach C. Joe L.              5    16.62       5     10.55     10  27.17
34 TTU Jake S. Scott J.        5    8.52     3    10.47    8 18.99
101 TTU Matt V. Cody C.     3    5.41     2      2.47    5  7.88
125 TTU Laramie C. Wes M. 4    4.27     0      0.00    4  4.27

Full Results

2010 Espn Super Regional

ESPN West Super Regional - Lake Tyler

The Tech anglers traveled to Tyler, Texas to compete in the ESPN West Super Regional on Lake Tyler in order to qualify the team for competition in the 2010 ESPN National Championship later this year on the Arkansas River. With wet and windy conditions during practice, and the threat of severe thunderstorms looming the morning of tournament day one, many anglers were predicting record weights.  Though the fishing was good, it was not quite that good. The storms left the anglers alone and Coleman Crook, being forced to fish alone, put on a show day one keying in on a good top-water bite early. Bringing in nearly 20lbs, Coleman sat in 2nd place to start day two. High wind and blue-bird skies shortened the top-water bite and the anglers who were able to adjust excelled. Despite struggling day two, Coleman managed to finish strong, ending up 15th overall.


1 LSU-S Zach Caudle-Joe Landry                    29.27  
2 FU Vaughn Humerickhouse-Jayme Bristow    29.21  
3 TAMU Tyler James-Matt Day                       28.74   
4 UT-T Mason Holmes-Michael Huss              26.64  
5 TSU John Anderson-Brandon Foard              26.23  
6 TAMU Kyle Bates-David Doonan                  26.00  
7 SFA Ryan Watkins-Blaze Platt                       25.60  
8 TSU Justin Holmes-Bryan Carethers              25.52  
9 OU Chip Porche-Mark Johnson                     24.96  
10 OSU Bryce Bechtel-Cody Fuller                   23.28  
15 TTU Coleman Crook                                  22.09  
24 TTU Maverick Jennings-Preston Wittenburg 16.98  
26 TTU Scott Jones-Jake Szot                         16.86

2010 Fundraiser

Texas Tech Open Fundraiser Tournament
Hubbard Creek - March 13, 2010

Hosted by Sandy Creek Marina
6512 US Hwy 180 W 
Breckenridge, TX 76424

Final Results 

Congratulations to Fry and Hallford with their 29.88 pound bag and win at the inaugural Texas Tech Open Fundraiser Tournament!

Fair weather conditions and active fish resulted in several 20+ pound bags this weekend including a monster 11.94 pound fish caught by Montfort and Lozzpone! 

The tournament was a great success and we hope to see you all next year at the 2nd annual Texas Tech Open! Thanks again to all competitors and to those who helped set up and administer the tournament.

2010 club news

O.H. Ivie

O.H. Ivie was the final destination for the Texas Tech Bass Anglers on the road to national championship qualification.  With the top four teams being separated by only 3 points, Ivie was sure to be a white-knuckled shootout; it did not disappoint.  Following a two hour delay Saturday morning due to a strong thunderstorm, the Tech Anglers took the lake to find several hundred other tournament anglers already hard at work.  The late start didn’t stop Laramie and Dylan from bagging 24.08 lbs. and the day one win, defeating the 2nd place team Matt and Cody by over 12 pounds.  Day two presented the Anglers with 30+ mph sustained winds.  Matt and Cody managed the winds and landed a colossal 10.91 lb. fish late in the day to bring their total bag to 15.87 lbs., the win on day two, and qualifying them for a championship appearance in their first year with the club.

Final Results and Stats

Top 3 Teams & Championships

Team                            Pts.       Lbs.     Ave. Lbs.   Championship
1) Jake S & Scott J         692     118.86     11.89      Lewisville & Arkansas
2) Matt V & Cody C         691      91.84       9.18      Lewisville 
3) Laramie C & Dylan C   690    129.81      12.98      Lewisville

Top 5 Total Weights

Weight      Team                         Location
1) 26.95    Laramie C & Dylan C    Day 1 Oak Creek     Photo
2) 24.08    Laramie C & Dylan C    Day 1 O.H. Ivie        Photo
3) 22.36    Jake S & Scott J          Day 1 Oak Creek      Photo
4) 21.55    Jake S & Scott J          Day 1 Amistad         Photo
5) 19.69    Wes M & Garrett C      Day 2 Oak Creek

Top 5 Big Bass

Weight      Team                          Location
1) 10.91    Matt V & Cody C           Day 2 O.H. Ivie      Photo
2) 10.53    Jake S & Scott J           Day 1 Amistad        Photo
3) 10.41    Jake S & Scott J           Day 1 Oak Creek     Photo
4) 9.15      Laramie C & Dylan C    Day 1 Oak Creek     Photo
5) 8.79      Laramie C & Dylan C    Day 1 O.H. Ivie       Photo